Green Smoothie for St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! As I’ve written before, going green does not have to entail drinking large amounts of green beer or eating overlarge portions of corned beef. You can make your day a green one by incorporating plenty of green produce in your day. What that meant for me today was a green smoothie after my workout.

I used spinach, greek yogurt, banana, and milk. You can use almost any combination of fruits and veggies in your own smoothie (read my post about smoothie making for more guidance) and enjoy!


Good Timing – A New Label!

Just in time for National Nutrition Month, the Food and Drug Administration has given the American public a gift. The FDA is looking to revamp the food label for the second time in 20 years (the other previous change was to add Trans Fat to the label and not a substantial re-design). The changes are being made will show “a greater understanding of nutrition science”, “updated serving sizes”, and “a refreshed design”.

What does all of this mean to you? Hopefully the new labels will be easier to read and give more useful information. The changes include calories per serving in a larger font so you can see at a glance if the item you are considering will work within your calorie “budget”. Added sugars will now be highlighted (this is one of the things I am most excited about), as well as vitamin D and Potassium. Additionally standard serving sizes will be updated to reflect the amounts that people typically eat and drink. You can take a look at the fact sheet from the FDA for even more information.

The changes are not set at this time, for 90 days the FDA is accepting public comments about the proposed changes, so stay tuned for the final results. Here is a look at the proposed label. What do you think?


Happy National Nutrition Month!

Happy National Nutrition Month, this year’s theme is “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right”! The biggest influence of what we eat, comes down to taste. If it doesn’t taste good, you know you won’t eat it. The good news is that there are so many healthy choices to be had that eating right is something everyone can do!

This month as we ease into spring (hopefully at some point soon!) ease into a healthier eating pattern. Take a look at your current eating patterns and pick a couple of small things you can change. It might be to add a vegetable to your day, or cut back your snack food habit by half (remember to make it doable!). Focus on really enjoying the vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy and protein sources you choose. By the end of the month you’ll have eased into some new habits and will be ready to enjoy the spring weather. Don’t forget physical activity as a way to stay healthy! Choose something that you really enjoy and make a point of incorporating that activity into your month more often!

Nuts About Valentine’s Day!

Today I’m going to spread some love, not with chocolate like last year, but with some heart healthy nuts. Do we really need candy and big heavy meals to show our loved ones that we care? No, of course not! After finally getting some space and perspective between us and the last long holiday season (October 31st through January 1st), now is not time to blow it all on some foil covered heart shaped treats! Unless of course it is really really fabulous, and then I urge you to indulge in moderation!

Try treating your loved ones (friends, family, co-workers, employees, neighbors, postal worker, and whoever else you may love) to some nuts. You may have heard the news lately about this study (Association of Nut Consumption with Total and Cause-Specific Mortality) published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study showed an inverse association between nut consumption and total mortality among both women and men as well as inverse associations between nut consumption and deaths due to cancer, heart disease, and respiratory disease. What does that mean? In a nutshell (sorry, couldn’t help it) it means that the people in the study who regularly ate nuts had lower rates of death.

Give the gift of nuts (and health) to those you love today and enjoy – in moderation of course! Happy Valentine’s Day!