Tackling Thanksgiving

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking about how to successfully get from here to New Years day without any extra pounds or regrets. Thanksgiving is just the first in a whirlwind of celebrating that will last from now until the new year (or Valentines Day for some). To successfully navigate the onslaught of holiday parties and goodies, having a plan will get you through so that you won’t wind up feeling eater’s remorse in January.

  • Try to keep to your normal eating habits and routines as much as possible. Every coffee shop and bakery will be rolling out goodies that are “only available for a limited time” but that doesn’t mean you need to have one every day. An eggnog latte every day between now and Christmas will result in a four and a half pound gain (6 pounds if it’s a Venti!) if you must have this treat, make it special and have it just once or twice.
  • It may be cold outside, but try to keep your kitchen looking like summer. During the summer you might be more likely to keep lots of fresh vegetables and fruit on hand, but in the winter cookies, spiced cakes and holiday candy all tend to find their way into your house. Make it a point to put the sweet sometimes foods into out of the way cabinets and keep the produce more visible. It’s easier to resist something you can’t see and you are more likely to consume the things you see on a daily basis.
  • If there are high calorie holiday treats that you adore, make sure to plan it out, keep portions small and really savor them. You don’t need to approach Thanksgiving dinner as an all or nothing affair. Have a scoop of the super rich mashed potatoes but keep it to one small serving and fill up half of your plate with salad too. Have a little pie for dessert but there’s no need to sample every single one.
  • Don’t “save your calories” for a big dinner or party later in the day. This is always a sure recipe for disaster. Make sure to eat healthy well-balanced meals and snacks throughout the day; you’ll be in a much better mindset to make good choices later if you aren’t absolutely ravenous.

Planning ahead is the key to success for successfully surviving the holidays. If you do slip up, make sure you don’t beat yourself up! Things happen, put it behind you and move forward, and make your very next meal or snack a healthy one. Remember to stop, look around, and enjoy the holidays with the people who are special in your life!

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