A Wrench in the Works: When Life Gives You Lemons

What do you do when life throws you a curve ball? Do you throw in the towel and say oh well? OR do you change things up and attack the challenge from a different direction? This week I hit a major roadblock. I am alone with my boys for a few days and I can’t just leave them at home for an hour or more while I go out for a long run. What to do? My first thought was that I could take my youngest on a long bike ride instead while leaving the older two at home. I have a trailer for the bike which works really well and he doesn’t mind going for a ride with some toys and books to look at, but then those plans were scrapped because I realized I didn’t have the connector for the bike trailer! Uh oh!

Instead of throwing in the towel, I came up with plan C. I could run back and forth on my street in front of the house with the boys home. Boring, but it would be easy enough to check on them, have them come out to ask me questions or let me know about any problems that arise. A bonus of this plan was that I could leave a water bottle at the end of the driveway for a quick drink at regular intervals. If this plan hadn’t worked out I could always have gone to plan D and popped a workout DVD in to get some exercise that way.

There are almost always some acceptable alternatives when life throws lemons your way. If you find yourself stuck somewhere with very limited dining choices, you can still usually find some options that won’t derail your healthy habits. If you are on the road this summer and think that fast food is your only option, think again. Use your smartphone to find the nearest grocery store. There you can pick up some water, yogurt, make a salad at the salad bar or maybe get a sandwich made at the deli. If you find yourself at a restaurant that you didn’t choose (with menu options that aren’t so health friendly) it pays to ask if they can make something not on the menu. Very often they will be willing to give you some plain chicken or fish (without the heavy sauces they usually use) and give you a side of whatever vegetables they happen to have.

There are almost always other options if you just make a little effort to look for them. These options might not be your favorite, they might not be the best, but it’s always better than the alternative of giving up and letting life take you for a ride. Take control!

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